Woops! Refreshing my browser caused me to spend 10 Million more dollars than I wanted to on online stock trading…

Well, okay- I don’t have that kind of money. And in my case the online trading site I was using to buy SIRI ( Sirius XM Satellite Radio ) stock shares gave me a ‘rejected due to limited funds’ message AFTER I had just seen enough settled funds available.

But when I called the online trade site they told me that my first intended buy went through. Sometimes on various sites, I refresh the browser to see the next result of my latest action if the site wasn’t programmed to bring me to that next result. I bet many people have developed an instinct, or habit, of refreshing the browser in these instances. The guy on the phone told me that I was lucky I didn’t have more settled funds available because it would have put my buy order in again, just for refreshing the browser.

Then it struck me how devastating this could be for some dude or dudette with settled funds in the amount of millions of dollars if they accidentally refreshed their screen after a purchase of, say $10 Million of one stock. It would be like “Woops – I refreshed my browser, now I’ve just purchased another $10,000,000 , $10,000,000 of stock that I DIDN’T WANT!

I feel so sorry for those millionaires.

Today’s SIRI share price


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