Piano Recordings and Dynamics

Recently I composed and recorded a new piano track titled ‘Forever Love’ and decided to go full range with the dynamics (from soft and gentle to loud and strong) with my performance.

Here’s the track

Most mastering professionals will agree the dynamic range is too great and should be compressed for a better industry standard recording.

But I disagree. I really wanted the full range of human emotion to come out in this piece all the way to the recording. As humans we do have a huge dynamic range emotionally, much of which we often feel the need to stifle or edit, or hide from public and even from ourselves. In this case the song is about love. Love is about as gentle, heartfelt and sweet, yet tormenting and painful as it gets.

I hope you experience the full range at http://stevencravis.bandcamp.com/track/forever-love

By Steven Cravis


3 thoughts on “Piano Recordings and Dynamics

  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Steven, the song is beautiful and your own emotion and humanity comes through clearly in this composition.

  2. St├ęphane says:

    Most of classical recording artists I know don’t want any audio compression
    in their audio materials. So you’re right, quite to strong peaks should be more usual in instrumental music. It depends of your audience.
    classical music: no compression, pop music: compression, crosseover: with or without.

  3. Joe Bongiorno says:

    what we (engineers) are trying to avoid is having the listener reaching to the volume knob over and over again during a song. The type of music Steven creates so beautifully is often used in a background setting, which would make this type of dynamic recording ineffective for that use, in my opinion. Frankly, these dynamics are exaggerated when compared to a listener’s true perspective. Close mic recording results in such. : )

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