Promenade Sentimentale by Vladimir Cosma

Promenade Sentimentale piano piece performed by Steven Cravis

Promenade Sentimentale

The first time I saw the movie Diva was when I was a teenager. It’s a romantic thriller directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. The visuals and audio are unique and highly artistic.

One scene featured the piano piece ‘Promenade Sentimentale’ (Sentimental Walk) by Romanian born composer Vladimir Cosma. This piece always intrigued me, I bought the soundtrack and learned the piece on piano.

Today my newly released version has made it’s way onto iTunes. It’s available on four different pianos:

For Bosendorfer click HERE
For Fazioli click HERE
For Steinway click HERE
For Yamaha click HERE

To compare 90 second samples of all four to each other to see which piano sound you like the best, click HERE for iTunes or HERE for AmazonMP3


-Steven Cravis

Steven Cravis is a pianist and multi track synth composer for TV, Film and Games. He recently scored the exclusive soundtrack for -one of the top 100 games studios in the world – Fallen Tree Games zen style puzzle app ‘Quell‘ for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.


2 thoughts on “Promenade Sentimentale by Vladimir Cosma

  1. Trista says:

    I really like the piece, and I think the Fazioli and the Steinway sound the best. I like the warmth of the Steinway, and the crisp airiness of the Fazioli. Not sure which of the two is my favorite, but I like those two the best for sure.

  2. Mark Lewis says:

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