People Angered by Free U2 Album in Their iTunes Music Library

Think of how ridiculous that is. I’ll type it again: People Angered by Free U2 Album in Their iTunes Music Library.

I guess this comes under the category of ‘first world problems'(?)

In summary, Apple paid U2 $100 Million to put U2’s latest album ‘Songs of Innocence’ into every existing iTunes account for free.

A brilliant promotion if you ask me, for both Apple and U2, especially to boost the tour for this new album. Regarding the uproar, at least it’s an obvious lesson that Apple needs to change the format of such a promotion, if done in the future with any other albums, to simply be an option. A little pop up messages states: ‘There’s a new free album available, click here to find out more’

I hope Saturday Night Live does a skit about people being angered about being given something for free. This came just in time for the 2014 fall season of SNL.

by Steven Cravis


4 thoughts on “People Angered by Free U2 Album in Their iTunes Music Library

  1. I’ve never listened to U2 and really don’t care for the music. I would have rather seen it as an option (free download) if I wanted it. Instead, I had to deal with trying to function doing my job and the thing taking forever to download. Maybe to some that’s not an issue, but to some it is. I’m not going to get angry over it, but I would rather see Apple have a little more respect for its customers than this. On top of it, then it syncs my music up on my laptop which has limited space, so now I’ve got to go in and get rid of it. Brilliant marketing – perhaps. Well thought through – NOT!

  2. John says:

    holy crap is that where it came from. I thought it was my girlfriend playing a prank on me.

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